Monday, August 25, 2008

Winners without embassy.

My country doesn't have an American Consular office to process the DV Lottery visa. So if I win the lottery what will happen to me? We are getting a lot of quarries like this. So you must visit your web site of the US Embassy in your country. There you can find all the necessary information for you.
When you get the DV Lottery result winning notification do as instructed in the letter.
Normally those winners from the countries which don't have the American consular offices or facility to
proceed the DV Lottery will have to use the facility from a country next to theirs.
For Example
Winners from Maldives have to go to the Consular Office in Nairobi, Kenya along with every member of their
immediate family for the medical examinations and interviews.

If you are a DV Lottery winner from Iran,
Visa services are available for you and your immediate family in
Abu Dhabi.

If you are from Sierra Leone, Freetown then you must contact the Embassy in Abidjan for the DV Lottery

Also the Embassy in Asmara continues to accept documents for 2008 Diversity Visa lottery winners on Wednesday between 2:00 and 3:00 pm. If you prefer to be interviewed at another Embassy, either the sponsor or beneficiary can contact the Embassy in Asmara by e-mail to request a transfer of the case to the Embassy in either Cairo or Nairobi.

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