Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to find accommodation in The USA.

If you are a DV 2009 Lottery winner and if you want to immigrate alone or with your spouse and children, surely you will need someone in USA to help you to start life in USA. It is better to ask a friend or relative of yours to make arrangements to rent out a room or apartment according to your need. Once you get all your Legal Permanent residency documents all ready, then you can report to the authorities about your new address and you can move to a place where you want.

There are many publications by the immigration department for the newcomers are available. There you can find many useful information about the housing and changing of addresses..

Any how you will need first to arrange some place for you to stay and start your life. A permanent address to receive your legal documents which may come to you nearly after 6 months once you reach USA.

Popular way to find a room or apartment is to use the famous web site . In this web site there are listing for each cities where you can search or you can post your own listing very easily.

So there are two ways to live in America once you are an immigrant.
1. Buy your own home if you have enough financial support.
2. Rent an apartment or a room if you are a single.

When you start to rent a place you will be the tenant and the owner will become the landlord.
There are many rules to be respected by both parties. And the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development provides all the necessary information on this matter.

Also you have to make ready to
Get a Social Security Number
Get a green card and better to
Get a driver’s license

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